Thursday, February 25, 2016

"no reason to roam"

Yesterday I posted a the plein air study that I did on the beach at Edisto Island.   The day itself was gorgeous.  68 degrees with clear deep blue skies.  In February!  What a gift.  And the sunset did not disappoint.  I was not facing the sunset directly while I was painting but instead was looking across the dunes.  The sun drops so quickly in the winter and I was painting as quickly as possible.  When it became too dark to paint, I started to pack up and turned to face the end of the sunset over the water.  It took my breath away.  Absolutely beautiful.  I snapped a few pictures and just stood there and took it in.  

I know sunsets are overdone as paintings and some artists think they are to garish to paint but I just had to put it down on canvas this week while it was fresh in my mind.  Hope it takes you there.

"no reason to roam"
24"x48" oil on canvas


AK said...

Who said this is garish. Beautiful work.

Tony said...

Simply beautiful!