Tuesday, March 1, 2016

"strong roots"

On the normally last day of February, I went out to paint.  Another gorgeous day and I figured since we get a bonus day this year, why not?

I had planned on painting a wooded low lying area that usually has wonderful standing water and reflections. But when I got there the water was low and the reflections just weren't speaking to me.  So I hiked on.  I ended up near the water again.  This time near the creek. The creek itself isn't that pretty, especially since the underbrush has been cleaned out,  but I was intrigued by the trees on the bank.   The twisted roots made a strong statement and trees were nice against the backlit foliage.

I spent a couple of hours painting this one.  I worked slower than normal.  My arm is still in a cast and more precise brushstrokes and smaller paintings take a lot more concentration to make my hand do what I need it to do.  But it was a very pleasant way to spend the afternoon.

"strong roots"
14" x 11" oil on panel

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