Thursday, September 29, 2016

Day 29 ... "love nest"

This month is winding down.  Tomorrow is the last day of the 30-in-30 challenge.  I had serious doubts this month that I would get here!  I fell behind and wasn't sure where I would find the time or energy to catch up.  But then I thought about what was pushing me through this challenge.  And I realized just how much time I really did have to do something that mattered.

I used this month as a way to raise awareness and money for children's cancer research.  September is, after all cancer awareness month.  But it was more than that.  The story of a little boy, whom I never knew. A little boy who died twelve years ago ... much too young and leaving so much undone.  A friend I haven't seen since high school. His mother.  And her courage and perseverance to make sure no mother had to lose what she lost.  Her absolute devotion to his memory and to changing the lack of funding in cancer research for children.  A battle that she wages for him and for all of our children.

You can say that everything happens for a reason.  I'm not sure.  I can't make sense of that thought where tragedy is concerned.  It is beyond my understanding.  What I do know is that one person can make a difference.  One person can change the world, the course of history or save the life of people they don't even know.   That is what my friend Leigh Ann Herrin is doing.  And I would like us to help her.

I have painted 30 paintings this month.  Twelve have sold. Thank you so much! I'd love to see them all sell.  For each painting sold, $100 goes to the Carter Martin Fund for childhood cancer research.  If you've had your eye on a painting, this is the time to act.  Here is the link to see all of them:  Daily Paintworks

If you would like to donate directly to the Carter Martin Fund here is the link for that:  Carter Martin Fund

Thanks so much!   Here is the next to the last painting of the month....

"love nest"
10" x 10" oil on panel

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