Monday, January 2, 2017

Day 2 ..."copper creek"

Mushy.  That's a good word to describe the day.  I woke up to rain again this morning.  Lots of standing water too, which meant it had rained all night.  Not exactly perfect painting conditions.

However, a break in the weather came right before lunch.  So I set off with my dog for a creek nearby hoping to get in a painting before the next band of rain came in.  The creek was high and the water was a torrent of swirling copper heading downstream.

It gave a little color and contrast to the sky because all the surrounding vegetation was a wet muddy brown.  My dog Tybee loved it though.  She is a sticks and mud kind of dog.  As you can tell by the mud on her nose, she thoroughly enjoyed herself, discovering one treasure right after another.

As I was driving home, I noticed fog settling in and was a little sad that I didn't wait to paint that.  However, January in the south is more rain than snow so I'm sure the opportunity will arise again.

Fingers crossed for a little brighter weather tomorrow!

"copper creek"
8" x 10" oil on linen panel

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