Friday, January 27, 2017

Day 27 ..."downstream"

It was a beautiful sunny day to paint and I waited till this afternoon so it would be warmer.  The high today was 50 which seemed warm enough, until I got out there to paint.  It was the coldest 50 degrees I've ever painted in!  The sun was out but the wind was steady and blowing out of the northwest and it was cold! I painted by the creek and I'm sure being near the water didn't help with the temperature. I am still thawing out!

I went a little larger today, 11x14,  since I had a couple of hours to paint.  The underbrush is such a challenge this time of year with all of the bare sticks and vines.  If I hadn't been so cold, I would have stayed just a little while longer and tried to paint another one of just the water rushing over the rocks. But my hands and ears were cold and Tybee was whining and ready to eat dinner so it was time to leave.  

This is the only photo I have, as it was too dark to photograph the painting by the time I got home.

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Gayle said...

Dottie, I've been enjoying your daily paintings and the depictions of the ever-changing weather moods. And love those pictures of your faithful plain air companion Tybee! that's an unusual name - how did that come about? I sense there's an interesting story to that. Congratulations on persisting through the "30 in 30" challenge. So far, I've only worked up to a once a week commitment....Perhaps I'll slowly build up my painting muscles to tackle this daily challenge one of these years. But I'm almost 70, so can't be too hard on myself at this point. LOL!