Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Day 31 ... "sunlit bungalow"

Tybee and I headed out to a local park this morning to paint with my plein air group.  We got there way earlier than everyone else and I just couldn't find anything within the park that inspired me.  I was looking to paint something different today than what I had been painting all month. The park is bordered on all sides by quaint bungalow homes and it was there that I found my inspiration.  They were catching the morning sun and I thought that would prove to be a fun challenge to paint.

I set up my easel and put Tybee on her tie-down and started painting.  After a few minutes, she brought me an orange, which she thought was a tennis ball.  I couldn't imagine where she had found an orange, but tossed it to her, happy that she had found something to occupy her besides digging holes.  As I painted, every so often she would hand me the orange to throw and I would toss it to her.

As I finished up my painting and started gathering my stuff together to leave, I happened to look down and I discovered that all this time, Tybee hadn't been bringing me the same orange.  She had found a stash of oranges.

I guess maybe someone had tossed them out for the squirrels or the birds and she had uncovered them among all the leaves.  It was pretty funny.  And it goes to show why I need someone with me when I paint.  I'm so focused on painting that I am absolutely unaware of what is going on around me!  It's so nice have my partner in crime to keep me company!

Here is my painting for today.  The last one of the challenge.  I can't believe how quickly this month has passed. I have truly enjoyed almost every moment painting outside.  Even in January.  I'd like to continue to try and paint everyday outside for the rest of this year.  I'm going to allow myself to skip some days here and there when I am traveling but I want to try and continue this practice.  And I'm also going to try and blog more.  I have gotten so out of the habit and it is something I need to get back to doing.  Thanks for sticking with me during the challenge!

Here is a little better shot of my painting:

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