Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Day 4 ..."transformation"

I was hoping for a pretty sunrise this morning.  When I woke up all I saw was fog.  Heavy fog. It seemed as if the clouds were holding on here a little longer than forecasted.  But as I kept watching,  I noticed a little more definition the sky and maybe a hint of light.  I might get a sunrise after all! Not that I am picky.  Every day that the sun rises in some way is a good one, right?

My focus this month is the sky.  Fog is more about the atmosphere on the land than in the sky.  At least at first glance.  But maybe it isn't.  Maybe it is about the way the two connect.  The way that one fades into another without a line of distinction.  As I was painting,  and watching the fog lift and the sky brighten, I was thinking about the way art and more specifically painting reflects life.

Every time I paint, I think about the parallels in the subject I am painting and my own life.  The muddy overgrown landscape I painted earlier this week had me thinking of how my life is filled with so many people and responsibilities that overlap.  I feel "muddy" so often, trying to see a clear path and make the right decisions.  This morning, as I was painting, my house was in the usual morning uproar.  Everyone in various states of getting ready for their day, dogs running around whining to go in or out or just have the ball thrown one more time.  And I'm sitting in the midst of it all, trying to paint the peacefulness and otherworldliness of the early morning.  The bright pinks streaming across the sky with the background noise of a dog scratching on the other side of the door.  The soft edges where cloud meets sky while my phone buzzes nearby with texts and phone calls.  Ethereal versus Mundane.  Isn't that what our life is made up of every day?  Trying to keep our focus while everything is going sideways.  The fragile moments of beauty and light are sometimes all too fleeting and if we aren't watching for them they can disappear before we ever notice they were there.

10" x 8" oil on linen panel

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