Saturday, January 7, 2017

Day 7 ..."first impressions"

Well, we got snow.  But barely.  The forecast of 3-6 inches was way off.  By like 6 inches.  We had sleet and freezing rain and a little snow mixed in all night which finally gave way to all snow about 7:30 this morning.  I was more than a little disappointed and felt a bit cheated and mislead by the weather forecasters when I got up to let my dog out this morning.  I had contemplated a day of painting out in the snow, with more than enough to cover the ground and trees.  The best laid plans were not to be.

I watched out the door as my puppy ventured out into her first snow.  First she sniffed it, then took a tentative nibble, and then shot across the yard at full speed with pure joy at the sight of her usual territory transformed by this wonderful cold stuff.  She was thoroughly impressed at the dusting of snow on the ground and the flurry of it falling through the air.  Absolutely thrilled.  As I watched her run, dig and roll in the snow, I thought how happy dogs are with so little.  A pat on the head, a nice stick, a little bit of snow. I decided to take a page from my dog's playbook and be happy with what I had.

It's still snowing a little and although the ground isn't completely covered, it is beautiful on the trees.  I'm sure I will venture out later today to get a couple of paintings done.  But for now, this was my first impression this morning as I sat on the porch. (yes, in my pajamas with a coat on :))  Not a lot of color but a myriad of grays and soft forms as the snow was coming down pretty hard at this point.  Soft and pretty.  And it was enough.

"first impressions"
10" x 8" oil on linen panel

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