Sunday, January 8, 2017

Day 8 ...."here comes the sun"

The sun and sky are brilliant today against the ice and snow covered trees.  It's cold and not supposed to get above  30 degrees but the snow is melting.  I'm trying to take advantage of it as much as I can.  I love to paint water and snow is so similar. The color and reflections are mesmerizing.  It's so hard to not get caught up in all of the color changes and I keep having to remind myself to simplify.

It was really cold this morning (at least for me!) phone said 21 with a wind chill of 10.  I dressed like I was heading to the arctic and really was quite comfortable until the very end.  My feet started getting cold and so I finished up.  I used to have a mat that I threw down to stand on which worked so well at keeping my feet warm in the snow but I can't find it anywhere.  My boots are very warm if I'm moving but standing still takes a toll.

I didn't venture very far today,  I painted this in my backyard.  I loved the little red barn against the snow covered evergreens and the patchwork of snow against the dark of the mulch on the ground.  I'm heading back out into the woods to paint this afternoon.  I'm hoping that some snow remains there to paint.

"here comes the sun"
10" x 8" oil on panel

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Gayle said...

Absolutely stunning! That light almost made me squint, it's soooo astoundingly rendered. You can't fight winter, so may as well paint it! All the best in the remainder of this 30 in 30 challenge.