Monday, January 9, 2017

Day 9 ..."woods in snow"

So cold again this morning but it is preserving the snow so I'm not complaining.  Even my puppy got a little cold this morning...her beard froze stiff.  But there is blue sky and sunshine.  It was a brisk 19 degrees when I started and a balmy 25 when I finished.  But man, am I loving this snow! And the color in the trees really stands out against all that white.  I'm also really starting to settle in to painting outside again after not doing much at all since November.  It's amazing how just a short few weeks can leave you feeling rusty.

"woods in snow"
10"x8" oil on linen panel

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Sandy Sandy said...

Really cool (I mean really cold) . . . Love your painting and the pics of you and your girl! I'm impressed by your painting and your fortitude. :-)