Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Power of Paint to Help...

A painting is a wondrous thing.  It can be used to provoke, calm, excite or as documentation.  It can channel anger, frustration or happiness and light.  Such power in such simple instruments of canvas and paint.

Tomorrow begins a semi-annual event that pushes me beyond my comfort level.  30 Paintings in 30 Days.  I take my easel outside and create a small painting each day from life.  It's a challenge to paint outside and it's also a challenge to fit in a small painting around all of my other obligations.  But it helps me grow as an artist so it is worth the struggle.

We have all been touched by the devastation in Texas due to Hurricane Harvey.  Even if you don't have a family member there, chances are you know someone who does.  But it is the plight of complete strangers that seems to get me the most.  Faces and stories that come to light everyday.  It's just heartbreaking.

Like so many others, I donated to the relief effort immediately after the hurricane.  But the flooding and the irreparable damage continues and it just doesn't feel like enough.  So I want to donate 50% of the sale of each of the 30 in 30 paintings in September to Houston charities.  I will split the donations between The Houston Food Bank and The Houston Humane Society.

All of my paintings will be on Daily Paintworks starting with the first painting tomorrow.  They will be a mix of still life and plein air landscapes.  I'm looking forward to getting outside with my dog and painting 30 days in September and also to raising some money for Houston.  I hope you are looking forward to it too!