Saturday, September 9, 2017

Day 8 & Day 9 ...catching up

The 30-in-30 Challenge has begun and I am using this challenge to raise money to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey. I hope you'll help me!

Yesterday was evacuation day for the island my mother lived on so I drove down to pick her up and bring her back to Charlotte.  Took me 8 hours to make it back to Charlotte and it is normally a 4 hour drive!  So many people trying to leave and our road system is so inadequate.  It makes an already frustrating situation so much more frustrating and dangerous.  I'm already dreading the drive to take her home.  I'm just sick about all of the people in harms way and those that have already weathered this storm.  This hurricane season is proving to be an awful one.

While my mother was getting all of her things together, I left and went to paint the marsh nearby.  So peaceful and with the thoughts of the impending storm, so much more beautiful.  The grass is just starting to turn to gold with the green of summer fading away.

"calm before the storm"
6" x 12" oil on panel

Today, I am exhausted.  I picked a few of the last hydrangeas out of my yard and set them up on the kitchen table and painted.  My family was all sitting around me having a boisterous conversation so it was a bit of a challenge to concentrate!  

"afternoon hydrangeas"
10"x 8"oil on linen panel

I am donating 50% of the sale of every 30-in-30 painting this month to help the flood victims of Hurricane Harvey.  The charities I am supporting are the Houston Food Bank and the Houston Humane Society.   I hope if you fall in love with one of my paintings this month, you will take the opportunity to purchase one and help me help those that have lost so much. 

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